Ramon Stagnaro, guitar soloist extraordinaire, is much at ease in both acoustic and electric environments. Adding to this unusual expertise is his mastery on the South American Charango, Mexican Bajo-Sexto and Vihuela, Mandolin, Cuban Tres, Russian Balalaika, Puerto Rican Cuatro, Mexican Requinto, Electric Guitar... and exceptional sense of melody, blameless harmonic erudition, unshakable sense of time & style...

More than fifty guitars & string instrumetns -and counting!- tell a story that has nothing to do with shallow, 'show-off' competitiveness, but everything to do with solid integrity and a 'take-no-prisoners', obsessive --yet positive-- dedication.

"Why?" people may ask. The answer is easy: because both musical expression & artistic responsibility have no boundaries, excuses or explanations.

His specialty shines through the plurality of his endeavor.

Fulfilling the saying: it is important to search, but finding is transcendental! Ramon has found a mutifaceted answer to express his unique, eclectic, and matchless gift. Years of development have yield in a resourcefulness of paramount proportions. Where many struggle trying to find a voice on a given direction or style, Ramon exercises multiple 'musical languages' fluently, with remarkable authority, uncanny depth of expression & tremendous knowledge that are only surpassed by his humbleness and exemplary 'down-to-earthiness".

Most definitely you have heard the work of this 'musical-multilingual' guitarist -be it through recordings of innumerable Grammy-award artists, singers and/or legendary producers, Hollywood-based super-production films, T.V. live broadcasted shows/concerts and commercials, to name a few - so hopefully through this site you will come to know a bit more about the artist behind the gift ...